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» Is yoga just stretching?

No, yoga if far more than just stretching out your muscles. As a whole, yoga is a process of stilling the mind while gaining the benefit of making the body supple and strong.

» Can I do yoga even if I am not flexible?

Yes. Flexibility is a benefit, not a requirement.

» Will doing yoga make me sore?

Soreness is a relative condition in the body. It is a way of the body communicating it did something more strenuous than it is accustomed too. Although soreness can indicate an injury, general soreness in the body is not uncommon from physically challenging activities.

As a result, in the beginning you may find yourself sore many times from taking class. This soreness may be in a number of locations in the body or a more specific area. With time, this soreness should decrease as you become more accustom to the type of class you are taking.

» Will doing yoga help me lose weight?

Yoga can indeed help you lose weight. However, result vary between individuals. Also, to burn fat the body needs to build muscle. So, you may notice your physique becoming trimmer, even though your weight lose may not drop a great deal. The body needs to build 2 pounds of muscle to burn 1 pound of fat. So if you wanted to lose 5 pounds, you need to build 10 pounds of muscle.

» Can men do yoga?

Yes, yoga was originally primarily a male practice. As yoga grew in the western world, women adopted the practice very quickly and thus gave it a bit of flavor is was mostly a female activity. In the magazines, we see wonderful pictures of the great female yoginis as teachers and students, but what is sometimes not apparent is many of the best known and sought after teachers in the world are men.

» How do I pick a type or style of yoga?

The best way is to go to classes in the style you think you would enjoy. There are many sources on the internet which describe the different types/styles of yoga taught. This is a great way to help narrow the list to one which sounds appealing.

We highly recommend you try the handful of classes with several different teachers in the style you like. This gives you some perspective on the difference in teachers and their personal style of teaching.

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