The Boutique at Sanctuary

the boutique at sanctuary

The Boutique at Sanctuary is your place to find the best in yoga clothing and accessories to enhance your practice.

The boutique specializes in designs created to perform well in class, while still providing you the comfort and style to embrace the rest of your day.  In addition to yoga clothing, we carry a range of props, including yoga mats, blocks, straps, yoga videos and jewelry to enhance your ensemble.


Special Boutique Announcements

Get your Swag on with Official S4Y (Sanctuary for Yoga) Gear

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Strength, Stability & Grace
with Daphne Larkin
featuring music by Thomas Orr Anderson

Price: $19.99

DVD Cover

Sanctuary is proud to announce the release of our first yoga DVD - Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Strength, Stability & Grace. The DVD features Daphne Larkin's signature flows and original music by Nashville's own Thomas Orr Anderson. With nearly 3 hours of flows to choose from, you can learn the foundations of vinyasa flow yoga and begin to grow your practice at your own pace. The sequences are designed to complement each other and introduce poses in stages. Whether you are new to yoga or looking for inspiration to take your practice to the next level, this DVD is for you. As a special bonus, additional content and practice guides will be posted online to supplement your practice.

Take the Sanctuary experience home with you. To buy the DVD click here.

Beginner Yoga DVD
with Daphne Larkin

Price: $12.99

DVD Cover

Learn vinyasa yoga and create essential strength and stability. Designed for beginners, this DVD includes detailed instruction to guide you through the foundations of a vinyasa yoga practice. Learn the basics of yoga with shorter segments that allow you to incorporate yoga into your daily schedule whether you have 20 minutes or up to an hour.
DVD includes:
  • Core Stability Sequence
  • Hip Opening Sequence
  • Sun Salutation basics
  • 45 minute yoga beginner yoga practice
  • No yoga experience necessary
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Build strength Increase flexibility
  • Create core stability to support the spine

Take the Sanctuary experience home with you. To buy the DVD click here.

DVD Testimonials:

“As a student, I like the DVD bc it is ripe with opportunities to go into more advanced poses in a fully prepared, very grounded, very present way. A lot of flows I am too tired to enjoy the peak poses or want to attempt the peak. I just felt ready for anything and completely grounded after.” - Rebeca Alred

“As a teacher, I like it because it allows for a beginner to enjoy each pose while being fully present to what is arising within.  It gracefully and simply prepares a beginner for more advanced poses without them even being aware they are cultivating tools for more advanced postures. They will feel beautiful while moving through the flows not defeated and not bored....just right!” - Rebeca Alred

"I recently purchased the Vinyasa Flow DVD and I just wanted to say that I absolutely looooove it!  The poses really flow from one to another and the music is wonderful too! Thank you for making this DVD for folks like me who practice at home."  - Mil Perkins

Clothing by

  • Beyond Yoga
  • Hard Tail Forever
  • Spiritual Gangster
  • LVR
  • Funky Yoga
  • Hottie Yoga Wear
  • WITH (Wear it to Heart)
New lines in every month.  Drop in and check us out!

Mats / Mat Towels / Props

  • Manduka Mats 
  • Manduka Equa Towels & Accessories
  • Manduka Cork Blocks & Straps
  • Yogitoes Skidless Towels
  • Liforme Yoga Mats

Other Brands

  • Maha Vana Malas
  • Miles Away Farms Body Products
  • Banyan Botanicals 
  • China Gel
  • Rowanne Designs

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