There's just something about The Santuary in Nashville that I've never felt in any other studio. I walked in and immediately felt warmth and at home. Sometimes you walk into a studio and you feel a prance of the yogis and maybe a little intimidation. The success of The Sanctuary lies in the owner's, Tom and Daphne, ability to make you feel comfortable, yet still have a sense of excitement and anticipation. I call it my home in Nashville. Namaste

Amanda Thompson

I just wanted to say that Danny Brewington is a great yoga teacher. I learn something new each week and love his teaching syle. Always giving options, progressions, corrections, and has a great personality. I'm a super happy student! Glad you guys have him on your team.

Chad Miles

"Tom's class is a revelation. He helped me to make sutble adjustments in postures that I had been doing incorrectly for years, producing major results in my overall practice. His teaching style is both focused and relaxed and his class is really fun! I'm new to Nashville and I'm so happy to have found this class. Thank you Tom."

Ellen Ross

"Sanctuary's Vinyasa Level 1 class makes exercise enjoyable for me. I've lost weight as a result and I enjoy the calm and relaxation after a session."

Robert Mohon

"Sanctuary has become a favorite place of mine, where I can step out of the chaos of my life into beautiful, calm surroundings. Tom and Daphne are so welcoming and the vinyasa yoga is great. Don't be fooled by the pretty music and spa scents though, you are going to work your body here. Tom and Daphne, in their respective instruction, have increased my strength, flexibility and awareness. I love the quiet intensity of yoga and its mental and physical benefits."

Rowanne McKnight

"I am brand new to yoga and had misgivings about trying it. My first visit to Daphne's class was phenomenal! I felt welcome and comfortable, and I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to stick with. I am discovering that yoga can influence every aspect of my life, and I eagerly await each class to unearth something new about myself and my abilities."

Laura Lightsy

"I could spend much more time with you learning and just being safe in the environment you provide. Thank you worlds over. We have implemented much of the energy flow work right on in, very naturally and intuitively. So, you gave us voice to our existing energy and intuition. I have never had such a workshop as yours, so well outlined and detailed and with concrete results to back it up. The integration of written and mat work is really effective."

Meris Gebhardt, Body Yoga, Lake Oswego, OR

"Daphne and Tom are a completely balanced team. They bring an amazing combination of strength and compassion to their team teaching and their energies compliment each other beautifully. Their transmission is a perfect combination of their current teacher and the variety of other styles and practices that that have influenced them. As a teacher and studio owner myself it was inspiring to see how they infused their class with a life of its own and how they were able to create such a noticeably collective experience. I truly believe that they have inspired a new movement of yoga here in the North West and I hope to have the opportunity to welcome them again to the growing community that they helped create."

Anya Gordon, Portland, OR

"I refer my massage therapy clients to Sanctuary for Yoga because I trust the teachers at Sanctuary will guide them on their beginning yoga journey."

April M.

"Thomas Anderson playing drums and sound instruments at Daphne's level 2-3 class on Wednesday night goes down as one of my most memorable yoga experiences in Nashville. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Look forward to breathing and flowing at the next live performance!"

Marilee Spanjian

"There is a definite energy of acceptance, peace, harmony and joy within [Daphne's] class. Life has moved me out of Nashville to Southern California, but I will tell you, that I miss her class immensely. It is a jewel to hold and cherish. I miss it, and as of yet, have not found another class like hers out here."

Charles William Ward, Lake Arrowhead, CA

"I am so grateful for the work you are doing, the ‘Sanctuary’ you have created, but most of all, I am so grateful for the two of you! You obviously love what you are doing and are being blessed .. as am I and all who walk through your doors. Your teaching and encouragement, both in and out of the ‘classroom’ have challenged and inspired me. ... I am thankful for the community you have helped establish. What a blast!"


"Daphne's Yoga is truly magical. She moves like a super hero in liquid energy and makes the most advanced movements look effortless. And her deep kindness and constant encouragement multiply that magic. I constantly hear visiting Yogis comment that hers is the best class they have ever experienced. I agree."

Thomas Anderson, M.A., Musician, Physicist, Sound Therapist

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