class levels

All Levels

These classes are designed to accommodate all experience levels in one class. These moderately paced classes offer modifications and variations suitable for new beginners to advanced students. Suitable for ALL students.

Level 1 - Brand New & Continuing Beginners

Designed for beginners, these classes provide a safe environment and are suitable for anyone to experience the benefits of yoga and learn the basics. Focus is on the correct alignment of basic postures within one’s own body and basic transitions between postures. No experience or flexibility required.

Level 1/2 - Advanced Beginners & Intermediate

These classes are for both continuing beginners and students who are ready to step up the pace to build strength, increase flexibility, and breath awareness. Through more advanced variations of our Level 1 classes and a more vigorous pace, a wider range of poses, transitions and sequences will be introduced. Open to all levels including beginners with a solid understanding of the basics.

Level 2/3 - Intermediate & Advanced Students

For students with an on going practice, these classes offer a more challenging practice to help you go deeper by working on more advanced postures and methods of practice. Recommended for students with at least 12 months consistent practice. Not suitable for beginners.

Mixed Level

These varied paced, more vigorous classes are designed to accommodate a variety of experience levels in one setting. Modifications are given for easier variations of postures as well as invitations to experience more intermediate or advanced forms of a pose. Not suitable for new beginners.


We welcome all our friends who are experiencing the amazing and wonderful adventure of pregnancy to Sanctuary. All Sanctuary teachers are versed in making appropriate modifications or adjustments to the flow of the class to accommodate you. You are welcome to join any class which suits your current level of yoga ability/practice.


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