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Yoga had become not only a daily practice on the mat, but also a way of life for Tom and Daphne Larkin. A married couple at the time, they founded Larkin Yoga in 2002 as a representation/brand for the creative and joint vision of their life’s work. Although their personal paths have taken on new directions, their common vision remains intricately linked and continues to expand in the practices and services offered by each of them.

Their joint vision stemmed from rich life experiences, which continually cultivates and informs their yoga practice and teaching today. Offering a truly unique experience, which balances both shiva and shakti energies, honoring the masculine and the feminine, they encourage students of all levels, from beginning to advanced, to discover their own practice in a way that is both challenging and inspiring. Recognizing we are all products of our experiences, Larkin Yoga offers yoga practices that speak to people from all walks of life – including business professionals, professional athletes, musicians, dancers, and artists as well as new and experienced yogis.

Tom's infectious spirit and steady strength is empowering and brings out the courageous heart in all students. Daphne's sequences and unique approach to unlocking the layers of the body helps students open to the natural grace and depth of their practice. They teach from the heart and honor the divine potential in everyone.

Since 2001, they have both been devoted students of Shiva Rea, who has been the most profound source of inspiration for their teaching. They are honored to travel with Shiva and assist her in workshops and teacher trainings around the globe. In addition, they have been featured in Shape Magazine, Fit Yoga, Woman's World, and Prevention Magazine as well as a number of Nashville publications.

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