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Our Story is about Dharma. We have been very blessed to have found each other, our teachers, our tribe, and our life’s work. Larkin Yoga is a representation of our vision for our dharma.

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We’re passionate about the path of our lives. We’re equally passionate about sharing the practice of yoga. Live and love fully!

Everything in our life has brought us to this point. We are surfers of sort - sometimes surfing literally in the ocean (that’s Tom), but most often surfing the current of our life and all that flows with it. We’ve discovered that it’s exponentially more fun to share it with others and to be surrounded by people who inspire us. That’s what keeps us going. And so we’ve been graced with incredible experiences with teachers, guides and friends who keep our eyes open to the limitless potential and love that surrounds us.


We teach a dynamic, creative full-spectrum approach to yoga which resonates with us in the connection to our vital life-force or prana. This embodied approach serves as the navigating source of our yoga practice and of living vitally. Our signature Sanctuary style is a vibrant, fluid practice that is sequenced intentionally toward a peak and flows with a musical soundtrack which evokes the essence of the practice. We weave in inspiration from our lives - live music, creative transitions, poetry and sacred texts, movement in all forms, fun, playful curiosity and gratitude. We support each other and offer a full experience that is perfectly balanced.


Expect to enact change. . .be that in the way you think, act or balance on your hands. But most of all, expect to have fun! With Tom you will be challenged to explore your own strengths and find out you are stronger than you think.


Expect to move! Even in you never danced in your life, you will be dreaming of it soon. Experience full body expansion. Move gracefully into poses that you didn’t know were in your body. Learn to stand in your own strength. Rhythm is key. Flow with live music and a slow, steady rhythm that will leave you perfectly content. Discover how sweet yoga can be.


We’re grateful to our family, friends and teachers for their vision and support. We wouldn’t be who we are without the love, music, We are profoundly grateful to Shiva Rea who has served as our teacher and friend since we met in 2001 and has had an impact on our lives that she will never know.

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