Teacher Training


The Sanctuary for Yoga Teacher Training program provided so much more than the basics of yoga and teaching. From the first night we gathered to our closing immersion Tom and Daphne provided a sacred space, offering moments of laughter, moments of pause, and a lifetime of memories and friendships. Through the deep moments of learning the philosophy and history of yoga to the heart-opening backbending weekends to the light and floaty weekends of handstands and arm balances we were led on a journey of discovering our own limits and surprising ourselves along the way. We learned how to show up. On the mat. In our lives. In our students' lives.

My experience changed my life, opened my eyes and my heart, and ultimately made me realize, "How could I NOT share this with everyone?".

Sarah Braswell

I would recommend the Sanctuary for Yoga Evolutionary Exploration program to anyone looking to deepen their practice. The program helped me expand my knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy, sequencing and flow. Nashville is very lucky to have a team like Tom and Daphne around.

Emily Davidson Nemoy

After my first teacher training in Ashtanga I felt that there was still so much to learn about the practice of yoga, the philosophy and the journey.  This feeling is what guided me in my decision to take a second teacher training with Tom and Daphne.  I have received far more than I had originally expected, and for that I am eternally grateful.  I believe that I am a better teacher and have been provided with the means to continue my yogic journey.  I cherish everything that I have learned through this process and look forward to sharing it with others.  I highly recommend any time that can be spent with Tom and Daphne Larkin; they are always open, kind and keen to share their journey, their insights and their love of yoga.  I feel honored and blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to complete my second teacher training thru Sanctuary.

Laurel Walsh

"For me, the Sanctuary Yoga teacher training was a truly transformational experience. How? It opened me up. You are both so passionate about what you do. It comes from a place of truth.

I have changed on the inside. I feel so much more grounded and safe then I ever did before. You guys provided me with a safe, non-judgmental place of freedom to start my yoga journey. I feel like all the yoga I had done before I met you guys was lacking an element that I just couldn't put my finger on. I was looking for more. You provided it for me. An opening, a new doorway, a new sanctuary to come to.

I have changed on the outside. People tell me I look different. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful my practice looks. I don't know how it looks but it feels beautiful. It feels sacred. I know it is and I know why because of the tools provided in the yoga teacher training.

This journey of mine began a long time ago. When I look back on the things that were truly transformational, my yoga teacher training will always stand out because of the example of the teachers that were provided for me."

Rebeca Allred

"One definition of 'Evolution' is a process of change in a certain direction, an unfolding. This describes what is happening to me and what was challenged, encouraged and nurtured during your teacher training program. It hasn't stopped just because the course has ended. I can't put into the right words how much that means to me!

You made the program accessible to each one of us - no matter where we were on the path. You gave each of us the opportunity to receive and integrate the information offered and took time as each needed. There was so much covered!"

Julie Perrigan

"So I'm back from my trip to India, which was of course amazing. I spent time in Kerala, Bangalore, and Chennai met some really cool people and learned a lot about ayurveda, yoga and just life in general. I must say the class I took at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram really made me appreciate my training with you guys, the class had about 25 people who were all teachers from around the world, and I felt like I was leaps and bounds ahead of them in the theory and applications of yoga classes."

Sunil Bhat (after returning from India)

"Tom and Daphne showed their exceptional understanding of yoga by not only teaching us the foundations of hatha yoga, but also showing us how to discover the true power of yoga that can only come from within. Through the teacher training program I learned how to safely and effectively teach yoga, but more importantly gained awesome perspective on life, and what it means to truly live.

Thank you for everything. Much love to my first gurus, you showed me what it means and feels like to consciously exist in the akasha. namaste."

Sunil Bhat

"I wanted to extend my appreciation to Y'all. The teacher training that we are finishing has been an unbelievable experience. If anyone said I'd be doing 6 different headstands before it is even over I'd have said they were perhaps a little nuts. I mention headstands to point out the distance I've come in the process, not the fact that it's cool because it's headstands (although it is pretty cool). The fact that I can do headstands is really a representation of, an outward expression of, an internal unfolding that your program nurtured.

I honestly didn't know what to expect in the teacher training. In fact, I started the teacher training for reasons other than trying to get certified so I could teach. I had been practicing a little over a year and a half and finished up an advanced degree in mental health. I have been to a retreat center and had taken portions of another teacher training program for a fun vacation. During my vacation training I really started the necessity of treat the total person rather than just a portion. I decided to participate because I wanted to learn more about the art of yoga and possibly start learning about the healing potential of yoga. I am so glad that I listened to my intuition because that is the exact philosophy you had for your program - prepare the entire person, don't just teach asanas.

The aspect of the training which stands out most for me is the intense personal attention, support and care that Y'all provide. That attention coupled with the great 'specialists' we have had the pleasure of learning from, as well as your own personal paths, have made it an experience I would highly recommend to everyone. I have seen growth in my personal practice, in my overall health, in my Spirituality, but most of all I have seen a huge uptick in the people I know, respect and love. I have also observed my fellow travelers breeze past old benchmarks in their practice and lives time and time again. They are truly inspiring! So thank you for allowing me to sit at your feet, it has been a blessing!"

Keith Allen

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