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Carson Morris

Always an avid learner, Carson decided that 6 months out of graduate school was too long without a book and highlighter in hand. While always grateful to be in her line of work as a speech-language pathologist, she was looking for more. She began to dive deeper into her yoga practice and enroll in Sanctuary’s 200-hour teacher training program, which she completed in 2016. Carson loves that every time she steps on the mat it brings a unique experience, something different to respond to. She believes you never stop learning new things, whether it’s a new pose, a new way to approach a situation, or a new transition on the mat or off.

A person that always is asking questions and excited to listen to the story, Carson’s classes are built around inner work and self awareness in the body. What is your breath telling your mind? What energy is this pose creating in your body? Where did that take you, mentally and physically? Exploring these questions is Carson’s favorite way to practice.

Practice asking the questions. Practice asking at different times of the day. Practice asking at different times on the mat. Practice asking at different times in life. And then listen to the answer.

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