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Jenn Offutt

Hey, I am Jenn! My first exposure to yoga came while in high school in west Texas. However, it wasn't until moving to Louisiana for college did I truly become immersed in the practice. I graduated from LSU with a degree in communications and a minor in Theatre — both choices that would allow me to express myself artistically.

We are all artists at our core, and yoga helps us to discover that ‘inner artist’ within ourselves. Ray Long eloquently sums it up by saying, "The body is the canvas and the asanas are the art we create." I view the energy that we cultivate through our practice as paint used on a canvas. We meld the energy, breathe, and asanas together to create a true masterpiece.

I have found a deeper, and more steady practice since devoting my time to learning at Sanctuary here in Nashville, where I completed the 200-hour teacher training program in 2014 with Tom and Daphne. Today, my primary passion for yoga is experiencing how it nourishes & strengthens the mind, body, and spirit, and sharing that experience with others. Being on the mat helps us all to see that we are all different and beautiful in our own ways. I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm, and help others to develop their own practice as well as see their potential. The power that we hold as individuals is incredible; we just have to be willing to tap into it. Yoga helps to guide us through this life and with each practice we strive to embody rising above perceived self limitations.

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