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Kim DeMars

Born and raised in Ohio, Kim experienced life in South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia and abroad before moving to Nashville in 2015. Creativity, community and a passion for learning have always played important roles in Kim’s life. She is a designer at heart and takes joy in her work as an architect, collaborating to create spaces where people live, work and play.

Kim discovered her love of yoga in Atlanta in 2011 while seeking respite from the stress and long hours of a demanding career and personal life. In need of balance, she immediately found solace in the way her practice allowed her to still an over-active mind. She focused on her breath and her body and started understanding how it felt to be in the present moment. An athlete her whole life, Kim was used to challenging her body through other forms of exercise so she was amazed to also find the new level of strength and flexibility she gained from a regular asana practice. The mental, emotional and physical benefits on and off the mat all fed Kim’s desire to deepen her practice by enrolling in Sanctuary’s 200-hour teacher training program, which she completed in early 2016. It was here she found that, along with a commitment to continued learning, she also had a desire to share her love of the practice with others. Kim believes yoga is truly for everyone. We each seek something a little different every time we step on our mats and we all take away what we need in that moment. We are all works in progress and there is always more work to be done. If moving and breathing together on our mats brings us a little peace, a little awareness, and maybe a few smiles or laughs, then we are heading in the right direction.

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