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Page Hart, RYT 500

Page is fueled by the beautiful integration of mind, body and spirit that exists in yoga and believes this connection is the essence of the practice. Page consciously creates the space within her classes for students to awaken a sense of empowerment that gracefully guides them to an open mind and open heart, while discovering the fluidity and strength of their own bodies and realizing the true beauty that exists within each and every human being.

Over 15 years ago, Page’s passion for yoga emerged, but was refueled when Sanctuary opened their doors.
Within the Sanctuary community, she observed such a supportive and loving environment that inspired a deeper commitment and dedication to her yoga practice. Her experience and time practicing yoga at Sanctuary cultivated a strong passion for Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Combined with her practice at Sanctuary and her work with Daphne and Tom Larkin, Page began studying with Shiva Rea in 2006 and completed Shiva¹s Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Teacher Training program. In 2011, she completed Dharma Mittra¹s 500 hour Life Of A Yogi Teacher Training. Dharma’s training focuses heavily on the classical teachings of yoga with a strong emphasis on the spiritual dimension of yoga, as well as the physical discipline and pranayama practices. Page is also strongly influenced by the teachings of Seane Corn, Simon Park, Bryan Kest and Ashley Turner.

Page holds a Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing and has acquired over 500 hours studying yoga. She has a devoted love for life and deep love for music and painting.

Page lives in love and gratitude with her husband, four children and ten dogs :)

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